Allergy Friendly Recipes

We’ve made finding inspiring recipes easy with our ever growing collection of Pinterest recipes and links below. But remember you can make your own favourite family favourites that little bit better, by simply swapping the butter or oil in your existing recipe for the same amount of Nuttelex.

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Buttery Easter Cake

This naked style butter cake with vanilla cream frosting is a great Easter treat. It is best made the day  before you plan to serve it. Decorated with fresh flowers in season it has the wow factor. You can also add sliced raspberries or strawberries between the layers for extra colour and taste - just be sure to push them flat down and firmly in place so your layers remain level.

Best Choc Brownies Recipe (dairy + egg free)

These decadent dairy free and vegan friendly chocolate brownies taste sublime. Serve warm or cold with your fave dollop with a sprig of fresh mint. If you want to up the choc ante, stir in a tablespoon of dairy free white, milk or dark choc pieces into the mix just before you spatula the mix into the baking tray.

Vegan Easter Pikelets (dairy + egg free)

Great for breakfast or an afternoon snack, these pikelets are also delicious with jam, stewed fruits or simply Nuttelex & honey.

Buttery Hot Cross Buns (dairy + egg free)

Nothings better than a toasted fruit bun with a dollop of your fave Nuttelex. This recipe is sure to become a favourite.

Buttery Gnocchi

The ultimate comfort food dish, buttery gnocchi is truly bliss, but it is also a true culinary art, that can take time to prefect.  If you've always wondered what the fuss is about, you probably have not tasted really good gnocchi. Two top tips are ... watch your water content- keep the base dough as dry as possible never sticky, and ALWAYS cook your potatoes with the skin on.

Classic YoYo Biscuits

These are a fave for the team here at Nuttelex HQ. Especially when there's passionfruit icing!

Timeless Orange Cake

This recipe lends itself to many variations. For example you can sub the orange for lemons or sub the milk for orange juice or vice versa. Which ever way you go, it's a great child friendly cake for budding bakers to start with.


Nanna’s Buttery Lemon Slice

Some recipes stand the test of time and Nanna's Lemon Slice is right up there with the best of the best treats ever created. This one is also #DairyFree #CholesterolFree and VegetarianFriendly.


Classic Lamingtons

This is the Women's Weekly classic recipe. Here Nuttelex replaces the butter content, though you'd never know.

Tasty Spinach Parcels

These tasty spinach parcels are easy to make and super simple to sub with different ingredients to suit all  dietary requirements. Serve with yoghurt, chutney and mixed baby salad leaves drizzled with balsamic glaze.

The Nuttelex Range

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  • Nuttelex Original

    The one loved by generations of Australian families since 1932

    Nuttelex Original is the trail-blazer that set the modern standard for a healthier way for us all to enjoy our daily bread. It was Australia's first cholesterol free, 100% plant based spread to be sold nationally in supermarkets and today remains a leader in its category and a true family favourite. The perfect all-rounder this nutritious spread delivers 65% less saturated fat and 55% less salt than butter, an is the ideal choice when catering for school tuck-shops, special events and hospitals.

  • Nuttelex Buttery

    Melt in your mouth goodness that's naturally dairy free

    Nuttelex Buttery is the No#1 favourite for those who just love the taste of butter - but want a healthier option. Enjoy a dollop on your veggies, topped on your toast or use in any traditional butter-based recipe to make it just that little bit better - free from dairy, lactose and cholesterol.

  • Nuttelex Olive

    A taste of the Mediterranean

    Made with the goodness of monounsaturated natural Olive Oil, with 70% less saturated fat than butter and 50% less salt than regular margarine, you will find this creamy blend is big on flavour and partners perfectly with your favourite pastas, roasted vegetable dishes and gourmet breads. Salt reduced and cholesterol free like all our spreads, it's our tub of mediterranean goodness.

  • Nuttelex Lite

    This is our skinny Nuttelex. But we call it Lite to be polite.

    With almost 40% less saturated fat than butter and a whopping 50% less salt, if you're looking to trim your waistline Nuttelex Lite is a great addition to any calorie controlled diet. With no cholesterol plus all the taste and benefits of our Original Nuttelex you may find yourself an instant fan of our lovely (and politely named) Lite spread.

  • Nuttelex with Coconut Oil

    A tasty new option that's totally palm oil free

    Nuttelex with Coconut Oil is the newest addition to our range. Made with the goodness of pure coconut oil, you'll love it in curries, to fry-up your brekky and bake in cakes too. It's the world's first Australian made and 100% palm oil free table spread (including emulsifiers) to be sold nationally in supermarkets. 5 cents from every tub sold we donate to protect Oragutan habitat in Borneo.


  • Nuttelex Pulse Buttery

    We bet you'll buy it for the taste alone

    Good for your heart and great on your toast too, this deliciously buttery blend has 70% less saturated fat than butter, though you'd never know it. A must for those watching their cholesterol, it contains natural plant sterols that research has shown can actively lower your body's cholesterol absorption. Dairy free, cholesterol free and salt reduced like all our Nuttelex spreads, our customers tell us Pulse Buttery is the best tasting plant sterol spread on the market. See for yourself.

  • Nuttelex Kosher

    A Nuttelex staple since 1952

    For more than 60 years, our Nuttelex Kosher spread been the secret ingredient to family feasts featuring the most tasty, perfectly crispy potato dishes, traditional stews, BBQ's and mouth-watering dairy free desserts. Like all Nuttelex products, our Kosher spread can be fried, baked or spread to create superbly satisfying dishes free from dairy & saturated animal fats.