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We’ve made finding inspiring recipes easy with our ever growing collection of Pinterest recipes and links below. But remember you can make your own favourite family favourites that little bit better, by simply swapping the butter or oil in your existing recipe for the same amount of Nuttelex.

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Chocolate Frosting (Vegan)

Celebrating Chocolate Cup Cake Day October 18th

#DairyFree #NutFree #SoyFree #CornFree #NuttelexPlantBasedButter #HappyChocolateCupCakeDay #VeganFrosting

Savoury Garlic Bubble Bread (Dairy Free)

This tantalising pull-apart bread is the perfect #crowdpleaser for BBQ's and festive gatherings. Best served warm, wrap in foil after baking and place on the warming plate on your BBQ prior to serving to ensure it is toasty-warm.

BBQ Sourdough Subs with Pepperoni & Veg (Vegetarian)

The ultimate camp-fire treat we have made these tasty subs with plant-based pepperoni.  Best made well ahead of time they are ideal as a late night BBQ snack or as your first night under the stars after setting up camp.

Choc-Orange Halloween Biscuits

These chocolate-orange biscuits are the perfect Halloween treat - and a super easy recipe for some fun in the kitchen for kids.

Candied Lemon Cupcakes & Vanilla Icing (Gluten Free)

Dairy-free and gluten-free these lemon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing and a candied piece of lemon are the bomb. Recipe makes 12 large cup cakes or up to 30 mini cupcakes.

Traditional Lemon & Coconut Slice

This no-bake lemony treat is one of those classic recipes almost everyone enjoys. Allow at least 4 hours setting time ... so it is best made in the morning or the night before.

Spiced Apple Toast (Vegan)

This decadent but simple toastie-treat is perfect for brunch, lunch or a comforting late night snack. Feel free to add your own extra touch such as a 1/2 teaspoon of dried raisins, currants or even a sliced dried date when sauting the apples.


Pecan & Maple Drizzle Biscuits (Dairy-Free)

Best. Bickies. Ever. These are crispy, chewy, sweet and nutty.

TIP: Chill the dough, at least for a few hours before baking to get that perfect chewy to crispy ratio.

To make this recipe 100% plant based simply sub the egg for egg replacer. Serve with a chilled glass of your Fave plant milk

Makes 25-30 biscuits so you can share these around. Store in an air-tight container if they last that long!

Mushroom Risotto With Crispy Leek (Vegan)

Mushroom lovers will just love, love, this recipe. Note to newbie risotto makers: Don't over mix the risotto during cooking process.

Serve this with a leafy vinaigrette salad and you will have yourselves a very fine feast indeed.

Serves 4

French Onion Soup

This soul-warming soup by Laura_Hobby_Baker  is such a winner, and like her son Alex, we just love it too.

You can easily make this recipe 100% plant based by subbing the cheese with your preferred vegan substitute.

Serves 4

The Nuttelex Range

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  • Nuttelex Original

    The one loved by generations of Australian families since 1932

    Nuttelex Original is the trail-blazer that set the modern standard for a healthier way for us all to enjoy our daily bread. It was Australia's first cholesterol oil free, 100% plant based spread to be sold nationally in supermarkets and today remains a leader in its category and a true family favourite. The perfect all-rounder this nutritious spread delivers 65% less saturated fat than butter and 50% less salt than butter, an is the ideal choice when catering for school tuck-shops, special events and hospitals.

  • Nuttelex Zero - Palm Oil Free

    Good for you & good for orangutans

    Nuttelex Zero is the newest addition to our range and its also Kosher certified! 100% palm oil free (including emulsifiers) 5 cents from every tub sold is donated to buy back forest habitat in Borneo for rescued and rehabilitated Orangutans like Jaw, featured on our pack.

  • Nuttelex Buttery

    Melt in your mouth goodness that's naturally dairy free

    Nuttelex Buttery is the No#1 favourite for those who just love the taste of butter - but want a healthier option. Enjoy a dollop on your veggies, topped on your toast or use in any traditional butter-based recipe to make it just that little bit better - free from dairy, lactose and cholesterol free oils.

  • Nuttelex Olive

    A taste of the Mediterranean

    Made with the goodness of monounsaturated natural Olive Oil you will find this creamy blend is big on flavour and partners perfectly with your favourite pastas, roasted vegetable dishes and gourmet breads. Salt reduced and made with cholesterol free oils like all our spreads, it's our tub of mediterranean goodness.

  • Nuttelex Reduced Fat

    All the goodness of Nuttelex with less fat

    If you're looking a lighter healthy alternative, Nuttelex Reduced Fat is a great addition to any calorie controlled diet. Made with the finest GM free and cholesterol free plant oils this tasty dairy free blend contains almost 75% less saturated fat that butter.


    The Nuttelex Food Service range is designed for all commercial applications. The range includes 10g individual portion packs, 500g, 1kg & 2kg tubs, plus two specialty 15kg Blends. Plant based and made with cholesterol free oils, the entire Nuttelex line-up delivers premium quality dairy-free options in a range of fat/moisture content to suit a vast array of baking requirements. All Nuttelex products are nut-free, soy-free, dairy & lactose free, corn-free, egg-free, gluten-free and certified vegan. #NuttelexFoodService

  • Nuttelex Pulse Buttery

    We bet you'll buy it for the taste alone

    Good for your heart and great on your toast too, this deliciously buttery blend has 70% less saturated fat than butter, though you'd never know it. A must for those watching their cholesterol, it contains natural plant sterols that research has shown can actively lower your body's cholesterol absorption. Dairy free, cholesterol free and salt reduced like all our Nuttelex spreads, our customers tell us Pulse Buttery is the best tasting plant sterol spread on the market. See for yourself.

  • Nuttelex Baking Blend

    Just like butter but with 60% less saturated fat. #BetterChoices

    Nuttelex Baking Blend is our tastiest and most versatile blend yet, created for all the home bakers and creators seeking a richer dairy-free blend. Amazing in cakes, biscuits, batters, deglazing, braising and more, it's also delicious on your toast too. Naturally dairy free; nut free; soy free and made with GMO-free plant oils our Baking Blend performs just like butter but with 60% less saturated fat and its 100% vegan. Here's to #BetterChoices.

  • Nuttelex Kosher

    A Nuttelex staple since 1952

    For more than 60 years, our Nuttelex Kosher spread been the secret ingredient to family feasts featuring the most tasty, perfectly crispy potato dishes, traditional stews, BBQ's and mouth-watering dairy free desserts. Like all Nuttelex products, our Kosher spread can be fried, baked or spread to create superbly satisfying dishes free from dairy & saturated animal fats.