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We have recently changed the way we supply Nuttelex to the independent Australian supermarkets like IGA,  so you can now get your absolute favourite Nuttelex…

Is Your Kinder & School Using Nuttelex?


Securing Forests in Borneo

  Sales of Nuttelex with Coconut Oil have now secured more than 190 acres of forest in Borneo for the long term protection of rehabilitated…

Why More & More People Are Ditching Dairy

It seems more and more people are ditching dairy these days in favour of plant based alternatives. But did you know that apart from the…


If you love flicking through cook books for inspo, we have a selection of classic cook books up for grabs that you could win. This…

Know Your Trans Fats Basics

You may have heard allot lately about trans fats but did you know that there are in-fact, different types of trans fats. First there are…

Can We Make it Better?

Follow the link to this quick Survey so you can tell us what you think about Nuttelex ! It is anonymous but we’d love to…

Our New Radio Ad

Take a listen to our new radio ad for Nuttelex with Coconut Oil.


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Cook Book Of The Month

You could win this beautiful garden diary style cookbook featuring 100 seasonal recipes from successful Kyneton Victoria restaurant owner Annie Smithers.