Sweet Roti Prata with Chilli Orange Compote

Special thanks for this delightful recipe from Chef Berlinda Ezekiel, this sweet roti prata is wonderfully sweet with an exciting kick of bright orange and chilli flavours.

Garlicky, Tomato & Olive Crostini

An easy brunch or sunset entertainer dish that can be made well ahead, these tasty crostini are topped with a vibrant tomato medley & green olive tapenade.
Serves 6-8

You'll need
A griddle frypan
Pastry brush
Small chopping device to blitz olives

Toasted Almond Butter Toffee

This Dairy-free, old-skool-style toasted almond buttery toffee is sublime and relatively easy to make. Note you will need a candy/cooking thermometer for this recipe along with a slice pan/tray approx. 27.5 x 17.5 cm.




Dill & Corn Blinis

These corn based blinis can be topped with anything that takes your fancy and are perfect for entertaining. Best of all they can be made a day ahead so you can simply dress them before serving with your chosen topping - here we have used smoked salmon. To make this dairy free sub the sour cream and milk for your fave plant based alternatives.
Serves 6


Rum Balls (Vegan)

A quick no-bake dairy-free treat that is perfect for the Christmas season that freezes well. For kids, simply skip the rum. Makes 28 pieces.



Vegan Churros

This #ChurrosRecipe using sesame sugar is a tasty twist that goes down a treat. Recipe created by @berlindaezekiel

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Masala Butter Chicken & Fondant Potato Spoons

This wonderful buttery curry is totally dairy free thanks to plant based Nuttelex. To make a vegan version, sub the chicken for soy chunks. If you can, make the marinade the day before for the very best flavours. When served on spoons (as pictured) with a buttery asparagus sprig and fondant potato it makes a tasty and hearty appetiser for any occasion, that  can be prepared well ahead. Simply warm before serving.

Beetroot & Chickpea Rissole Salad

A healthy, tasty vegetarian take on traditional rissoles that is perfect as a side at your next BBQ, or a great meat-free Monday family dinner. For a totally vegan twist simply sub the goats cheese for Bio Cheese Dairy Free Feta or a homemade vegan cashew soft cheese. Any leftover rissoles make great beat-burgers the next day, just scoop into a fresh bun and add your fave condiments!

Summer Lasagne

This summer lasagne is an easy crowd pleaser and is just as delicious either hot or just warm, served with a big salad.

Created for Nuttelex By @laura_hobby_baker