Halloween Mummified Choc Brownies (Dairy Free)

Delicious brownies made with vegan chocolate for a spook-a-licious Halloween treat that those with dairy or egg allergies can also enjoy.  If short on time you could also use Satin Ice White Fondant as the mummy strips.

Coconut & White Chocolate Ganash Biscuits

This basic biscuit recipe is taken to another level with the addition of a white chocolate and coconut ganache filling. We have added a few drops of pink colouring to half the batch to make them even more gorgeous but that is optional. These would make a great Valentine's bake too using a heart shaped cookie tray mould.  Preparation time 20 minutes. Cooking time approx. 25 minutes

Nut-Free & Egg-Free Vegan Lemon Biscotti

Home-made gifts are so special and so is this deliciously tasty dairy-free, nut-free and egg-free biscotti recipe.


Great for #Halloween (31st October) or #DayOfTheDead (November 2nd) festivities this dairy-free gingerbread biscuit recipe is a keeper. For soft gingerbreads cook till just lightly browned, for crunchy gingerbreads keep baking until a dark 'n golden deep caramel colour. Perfect with a dusting of icing sugar OR for those who love to decorate with coloured icing and edible inks - the results can be stunning.

Spiced Carrot Cake with Lemon Icing

This lux spiced carrot cake with its rich iced middle is pure indulgence. Enjoy! Thanks to @Laura_hobby_baker for this wonderful recipe.

Top Tip:

You need a loaf tin for this recipe.

Coconut Jam Tarts

These sweet little treats are a modern take on traditional baked coconut pie. To save time we have used pre-made pastry shells. Use  your fave jam flavour be it strawberry, raspberry, blackberry or cherry  jam, which-ever tickles your fancy. Note we have opted for Panela sugar (Panela is an unrefined raw sugar made from whole juice of sugar cane),  but any good quality raw brown sugar will work beautifully.

Vegan Black Bean Burgers

Nothing beats a great black bean burger and we think this fab creation from laura_hobby_baker is bliss. Makes 6-8 Burgers

Top Tips

Rinse your canned Black Beans well, then place on a lined tray  in a pre-heated oven at 160 degree. Allow them to gently dry  for 15 minutes  turning over half way through. This ensures no soggy burger patties.

Making your own Vegan Worcestershire sauce is simple and so tasty! In a small bowl add 1.5 teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar, soy sauce & hoisin sauce, then give mixture a good mix.

In this vegan recipe chickpea water  is used as the 'binder' instead of egg that is used in traditional black bean burger vegetarian recipes.



Nuttelex Guinness Braised Short Ribs

The best ribs - ever.

Recipe Prep time is approx. 30 minutes and allow 3-4 hours slow cooking time. (Dairy Free)


Boo-Nanas in Blankets

A super fast and easy last minute treat when spending Halloween at home. Note you can use so many things to create the eyes and mouth. We suggest  black icing, Ice Magic or baking drops as they stick easily, however, by all  means be creative - just keep in mind options like sultanas can be tricky to make them stay-put. For extra scary and hairy Boo-Nanas you can also carefully dip the banana tips in orange juice and then roll the tips in shredded or desiccated coconut before adding the faces.


Vegan Sausage Rolls

These sausage rolls are so tasty they will be a constant go-to. If opting for a large size sausage roll this recipes will make approx. 10 rolls or,  if making bite-size portions you will get about 20 cocktail size rolls from this mixture.  Freezer-friendly too, pop them straight into the oven from the freezer to create a super speedy mid-afternoon snack.