Quinoa Eggplant Rolls with Romesco Sauce

These tasty stuffed eggplant rolls drizzled with smokey, spicy romesco sauce are packed with flavour.

Thank you Chef Berlinda Ezekiel for this delicious recipe

Spiced Chickpea Veggie Koftes with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce

Delicious vegetarian koftes, packed with herbs, spices and home-made pickled red onion drizzled with tasty tahini yogurt sauce, and wrapped in pita. Perfect for amping up mezze-style entertaining at lunch or dinner.

If this has tickled your tastebuds another must try is the flatbread-with-roast-vegetable-salsa recipe 

Both by our fave foodie creator @laura_hobbyBaker

Charred Eggplant & Peppers With Home Made Flatbreads

Based on a traditional Catalan dish called Escalivada, these beautifully charred veggies topped with fresh parsley, is pure magic with these home-made flatbreads.

If you don't have maple syrup you can use sugar in the flat breads instead.


Warm Potato & Chive Salad with Nuttelex Lemon Dressing

Taking your potato salad to the next level, this is a keeper.

Crispy Potato Skins

Crispy & delicious! The perfect addition to any gathering  or sharing table, these tasty bites will be a hit.

Seasonal Greens with Green Goddess Dressing

This salad is the perfect side to any meal, fresh and full of flavour it cuts through and brightens the palate.

Plant-based Crunchy Slaw with Spiced Almond Satay

Supercharged with the best in crunchy fresh veg, this 100% plant-based dish is supremely satisfying.



Polenta Chips Sprinkled with Nut-free Dukkah

Crunchy on the outside & soft and creamy on the inside, serve the fibre-rich polenta chips with a sprinkle of nut-free dukkah and your fave yogurt topped with fresh chopped mint.

Perfect with our Sweet Potato & Red Bean Burger w/ Herbed Yoghurt Sauce

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Burger

Crispy on the outside and beautifully soft on the inside, these Vegetarian Beetroot Burgers pair perfectly with creamy goats cheese, rocket and red onion. A great #MeatlessMonday option serve with our Warm Potato Salad with Lemon Dressing to make a fab veggie feast!

To make this recipe vegan, simply sub the goats cheese for a soft vegan cheese of your choice or, herbed vegan mayo/sauce   or a splash of gorgeous  Green Goddess Dressing

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Sweet Potato & Red Bean Burger with Herbed Yogurt Sauce

Packed with flavour and all things good-for-you, veggie burgers just don't get better than this!

Goes beautifully with with crispy Polenta Chips w/ Nut-free Dukkah   

Recipe by @laura_hobby_baker