Vegan Fruit Mince Tarts

October 29, 2020

These beautiful mince tarts are light and super tasty, and also vegan! A real treat indeed especially when served with your fave custard or ice-cream (of which vegan versions are easy to find now too). Thanks to our fave foodie creator Laura_hobby-baker for this fantastic recipe.



4 tbsp melted plant based Nuttelex

9 filo pastry sheets (store bought)

420 g can pears in juice (drained + patted dry with paper towel then diced small)

2 small oranges finely grated

1 cup dried cranberries (100grams) rehydrated in boiling water let sit for 15 minutes, then squeeze out all the liquid

3/4 Robertsons fruit mince (available in the baking isle of the supermarket)

1 cup flaked almonds lightly toasted in a tray in the oven

1 muffin tin

1/4 cup Icing sugar for dusting before serving

300 ml custard or ice-cream for serving


1Preheat oven to 160°C fan forced or 180°C conventional oven.

2Use a pastry brush and lightly cover the inside of the muffin tin with Nuttelex.

3Combine small diced pears, rehydrated cranberries & orange zest in a bowl and give it a good mix.

4Place 1 sheet of filo pastry on the bench. Brush with melted Nuttelex, repeat this with 2 more sheets then cut it lengthways in 3 equal strips.

5Next, lightly spread fruit mince with the pear mixture over the pastry and then top with toasted almonds (refer to photos for guide).

6Fold pastry side over then lightly butter with Nuttelex again. Now, gently roll up pastry together then place in muffin tin. Lightly brush tops with more melted Nuttelex and scatter tops with a few more almond flakes. Repeat until you have 9 rolled-up tarts ready to bake.

7Bake for 30 minutes until golden brown and bases are crispy. Remove from muffin pan, let cool then dust with icing sugar. Serve with your fave ice-cream or custard.