Garlicky, Tomato & Olive Crostini

An easy brunch or sunset entertainer dish that can be made well ahead, these tasty crostini are topped with a vibrant tomato medley & green olive tapenade.
Serves 6-8

You'll need
A griddle frypan
Pastry brush
Small chopping device to blitz olives

Toasted Almond Butter Toffee

This Dairy-free, old-skool-style toasted almond buttery toffee is sublime and relatively easy to make. Note you will need a candy/cooking thermometer for this recipe along with a slice pan/tray approx. 27.5 x 17.5 cm.




Dill & Corn Blinis

These corn based blinis can be topped with anything that takes your fancy and are perfect for entertaining. Best of all they can be made a day ahead so you can simply dress them before serving with your chosen topping - here we have used smoked salmon. To make this dairy free sub the sour cream and milk for your fave plant based alternatives.
Serves 6


Rum Balls (Vegan)

A quick no-bake dairy-free treat that is perfect for the Christmas season that freezes well. For kids, simply skip the rum. Makes 28 pieces.



Vegan Churros

This #ChurrosRecipe using sesame sugar is a tasty twist that goes down a treat. Recipe created by @berlindaezekiel

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Masala Butter Chicken & Fondant Potato Spoons

This wonderful buttery curry is totally dairy free thanks to plant based Nuttelex. To make a vegan version, sub the chicken for soy chunks. If you can, make the marinade the day before for the very best flavours. When served on spoons (as pictured) with a buttery asparagus sprig and fondant potato it makes a tasty and hearty appetiser for any occasion, that  can be prepared well ahead. Simply warm before serving.

Beetroot & Chickpea Rissole Salad

A healthy, tasty vegetarian take on traditional rissoles that is perfect as a side at your next BBQ, or a great meat-free Monday family dinner. For a totally vegan twist simply sub the goats cheese for Bio Cheese Dairy Free Feta or a homemade vegan cashew soft cheese. Any leftover rissoles make great beat-burgers the next day, just scoop into a fresh bun and add your fave condiments!

Summer Lasagne

This summer lasagne is an easy crowd pleaser and is just as delicious either hot or just warm, served with a big salad.

Created for Nuttelex By @laura_hobby_baker

Spiced Honey Christmas Cookies

Inspired by German Lebkuchen Christmas cookies that are similar to gingerbread, these spiced bickies are beautiful simply naked, sprinkled with a touch of icing sugar or you can be decadent and do the choc dipping as described below  for festive vibes. Note: The flavours develop far better over time so if you can make the dough a day before resting in the refrigerator overnight you will be well rewarded. Recipe by @laura_hobby_baker