Caramelised Roast Pears

June 28, 2022

A sweet treat that is super simple to make. Left overs can be used with apple or rhubarb for a quick crumble for the following night too!


Pears x 4

Nuttelex x 50gm

Golden Treacle x ¾ Cup

Cinnamon Sticks x 2

Vanilla Pod x 1

Lemon x 1 (Rind & Juice)

Water x 1 cup


1Pre heat Oven to 180

2Using a Vegetable Peeler remove the rind from the lemon & place in the sauté pan

3Juice the lemon & set aside in a medium sized bowl

4Peel the pears (making sure that you maintain the shape) and dunk in the Lemon Juice- this prevents them from discolouring.

5Slice Pears into halves along the stem – so that each half Pear has a stem

6Carefully remove the pips & place back into the Lemon Juice

7Slice the vanilla pod into four thin strips & place with the rind of the lemon in the sauté pan.

8Remove the pears from the lemon juice and add to sauté pan

9Add the cinnamon sticks, treacle, nuttelex & water to the pan then cover with a lid or foil & bake in the oven for 45 – 60 minutes. Or Until the Pears are soft.

10Serve Warm with a dollop of your fave cream, yoghurt or icecream