Passionfruit Pudding (Dairy Free) Serves 4

August 12, 2022

This traditional style sponge pud has a light, luscious soufflé-like cake topping with a creamy pudding base. Totally dairy-free (thanks to plant based Nuttelex spread and coconut milk) this is the perfect dish when you want a bright, light, comforting dessert.


50 grams self-raising flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

3/4 cup white sugar

5 passion fruits or 80ml tinned passionfruit pulp

60 grams plant based Nuttelex melted

I cup unsweetened coconut milk

3 eggs separated

1 teaspoon vanilla

Icing sugar for dusting

1 tablespoon Nuttelex for greasing

Coconut Vanilla Yoghurt


1.5 litre capacity baking dish

Roasting pan

Electric beaters



1Preheat oven 160C fan forced Grease baking dish with Nuttelex

2Whisk together flour, baking powder & sugar then make a well in the centre and add egg yolks and the pulp of 3 passionfruits (or 50ml of the tinned pulp).

3Next, melt the Nuttelex in a cup for 20 seconds in the microwave and then add to this the coconut, milk & vanilla and whisk together before adding to other ingredients. Mix all well to combine into a batter.

4Use the electric beater on the egg whites to create stiff peaks. Then add half the egg whites to the batter - mixing in well with the whisk. Finally, fold the remaining egg whites into the mixture with a spatula until just combined.

5Pour mixture into greased baking dish and then place this dish in a larger roasting pan filled halfway with boiling water from the kettle.

6Bake for 30 minutes until top feels firm.

7Serve the remaining passionfruit pulp, a dollop coconut vanilla yoghurt and a dusting of icing sugar